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On behalf of the staff at Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  May they Rest In Peace.  If you would care to make a donation in your pet's memory to either the Feline Health Center or the Baker Institute for Animal Health, both at Cornell University, simply click here.

Albert Boe

( 1998 - 2017 )

Bella Rodriguez

( 2005 - 2017 )

"Forever in our Hearts!"

Cash Allen Feigelson

( 2003 - 2016 )

A hard-fought battle

Dogo Cornelius Chang

(3 - 6/ 2016)

(Both Chang pups died tragically from different severe medical problems despite the Chang family's heroic efforts to save them)

Fupi Barthomolew Chang

(3 - 7/ 2016)

Middle name intentionally misspelled

Alexander Dawson

(1999 - 2016)

Tom Thumb Mari Ebert

(2006 - 2016)

Tommy was our beloved family pet with a tenacious personality. He loved people.Tommy was also known as a  real Tom cat, a fighter, now he can rest..  Rest in peace Tommy. We love you

Mo Slackman

(2003 - 2016)

We want to thank you for all the love and care that you've given to Mo over the years. He was your first (and best) Labradoodle! 

Cleocatra Weidner

(2000 - 2016)

Riley Hinman

(2003 - 2016)

Molly Borodovsky

(1997 - 2016)

Rookie Monitz

(2000 - 2016)

Piper Monachelli

(2002 - 2016)

Ndugu Huie Kennedy

(2002 - 2015)

RIP Doogie - you went out in dignity; our lovable "angry gay" boy
Judy and Ernie

Larry Crean

(2003 - 2015)

 My pal thru thick and thin, he is very missed....Stefanie 

Syl Jr. Eannazzo

(1999 - 2015)

aka 'Sly' by Dr. Green forever

Mange Beck

(1997 - 2015)

Lucy Zaslow

(2001 - 2015)

RIP Lucy. After 14 years and 1 month we said goodbye to one sweet dog. Forever in my heart

Penny Levy

(2001 - 2015)

When you get to the bottom of an ice cream container that had ice cream you loved, your only thought should be of how much you enjoyed the ice cream.

She was a kind and marvelous soul. She was so smart.  She was a ferocious competitor.  She was courageous.

She was very good ice cream

Henry Roseboom

(2007 - 2015)

"My silly, sweet boy, my best friend, the joy you shined is irreplaceable." 

Puja Huie Kennedy


Dusty Helgans

(2004 - 2015)

Jipijapa Huie Kennedy

(2003 - 2015)

"What greater gift than the love of a cat"
   Charles Dickens

Miles Eastmond

(1999 - 2015)

"We will always love and miss you Milesy. RIP"

Lou Otto Barbarite

(2000 - 2015)

A. A. Milne said it very well: "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard". 

Sasha Gagliardi

(2004 - 2015)

“She gave us joy beyond what we could ever have asked for.”

Jerry Heimanson

(2005 - 2015)

"Some thought he looked like an alien, some thought his eyes were too big but to me he was always my sweet little boy"

Wanda Borodovsky

(2001 - 2015)

Sammie Nierman

( 2002 - 2015 )

Chester Altarescu

(2001 - 2014)

Henry Boo Doran

( 2010 - 2014 )

Jelly Jelenek Birritella

(2000 - 2014)

"He was such a special guy"

Agatha Lorenzini (and friend)

(1995 - 2014)

"Our Warrior Princess"

Lucky Madeira

(1998 - 2014)

"If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane,I'd walk right up to Heavenand bring you home again"

Snowball Simpson

(2003 - 2014 )

"An affectionate pretty boy who brought so much joy.  Rest in peace sweetheart"

Sorcha Huie Kennedy

( 2000 - 2014 )

"Our little dainty lady"

Wolfgang Leahy Perun


Added as a special memorial request

Wilson Beck Formichelli

(1997 - 2014)

Mr. Grey Herndon

(2003 - 2014)

Gizmo Rosenblum

(2003 - 2014)

Burt Weyand/Schaefer

Kaaner Black
"You were in my life for 13 years, 6 months, 3 weeks and 4 days...
but you'll live in my heart forever."

Clyde Barruch

Grendal Schwarz

Shane Kasper (with Sassi)

Raedwald (Rae Rae) Green
One-time #1
Norwegian Forest Cat in the US

Beloved member of the Green household to the end.

Alex Nason/Thoen

"Madison" Galvin
"Our Beautiful Madison"

"Beau" Shilling
No caption needed, the photo says it all.

"Homer" Alvarez
"He thought of himself as a person!"

"Teddy" Bellantoni
Beloved Mascot of Putnam Pets

"Moses" Historic Hudson Valley
Chief Mouser at Phillipsburg Manor, Sleepy Hollow, NY


"Togo" Madden
(1995 - 2013)

"Pearl" Borodovsky

"Skeeker" Mininberg

"Bear" Eccles
Moved away but long remembered!

"Ruffy" Kelly

"Cooper" Lafontaine


"Beau" Goldstein Regan

"KC" Doorley


McDuff "Duffy" Green

Our 'Old Man' and One-Time First Place
Norwegian Forest Cat in USA

"Vinny" Green
Brother Al's buddy.

"Stanzie" Leahy Perun

"Roscoe" Leahy Perun

"Paris" Leahy Perun

"Mittens" Hegedus

"Mackabee" Ferris

"Rosie" Picard
NYS first court-appointed
Service Dog to assist a witness testimony

Isis Scangarello Finger

Guinness Bonistall

Warren Amoruso

Jake Van Hengel

Zachary Pike

Harry Mautner

Maxine Herndon

Charlene Karasick

Blizzard Schtt-Jones

Mactavish "Mackie" Mar

Bailey Lang

Jack Thomas

Duke Coburn

Starbuck Serra

Shadow Brown

Riley Mascia

Cassis "Cassie" Joseph

Sam Soto

Champ Gaulin

Shadow Matos

Rufus Grimaldi

Bentley "Benruski" Hutchinson

Baley "Bails" Hutchinson

Ozzie Scangarello

Piper Willis

Cody Wilson

Skye Feigenbaum

Emma Gibney

Hexi Bellande

Victoria Boe

So Long, Annie!!!
We are sorry to announce the our long-time best friend Annie was lost to cancer in January 2010. She will be missed by all who knew her.

Mariah Giordano

Willow Gill

Magi (Shoo Shoo) Carilli

Holly Vandervort

Lola Goldman

Chloe Mott

Mandy Gibbs (Busik)

Milo Cohen

Cuddles Lee

Winky Rosafort

Smokey Simpson

Chewbacca Kaffeman

Cavan Burkhardt

Boo Bialko

Sam & Dave Lewis

Koko Grauer

Molly Kuhn-Levy

Sally Kuhn-Levy

Kabloona Huie-Kennedy

Sadie Shilling


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